Monastic Oblation

Our australian Oblates.

Our australian Oblates.

Since the founding of the monastery on July 2 2008, several of our friends and faithful have shown their desire to be able to be connected with our monastic community through oblation. A very fervent group of around a dozen oblates has thus formed in Sydney Australia under Father D. Wong of the Fraternal Society of St Peter (FSSP), to whom we have given delegation for such purpose.

Our secular Oblate, Brother Angel-Joseph and its dog Pepa.

Our secular Oblate, Brother Angel-Joseph and its dog Pepa.

Of course we have Italian and French oblates who are spiritually connected to our family of Benedictines of the Immaculate. Quite close to us another oblate who comes from Central America, brother Angel Joseph, has wished to live his oblature in an even more intense manner. He lives alone in a small village house together with his dog Pepa and three canaries which amuse all those in the single street in his village. He is united to the liturgical prayer of the monks and gives a large part of his time to the service of the community as cook, garment maker and master of the hen house.
One can admire and even venerate the Benedictine monastic ideal, but what can it bring to the simple Christians already consecrated to God by their baptism and calls to sanctity? Well, the Rule of St Benedict itself teaches us: it is in effect itself a school in which one learns to serve Our Lord, scola servitii Domini. “Oblation, (wrote the very reverend Father Dom Gerard), is above all things, a spirit. It is the spirit of St Benedict. A spirit so simple, so powerfully rooted in the first ages of Christianity that it can readily spread from the trunk  of the tree to even its longest branches… The Benedictine spirit raises the monk to seek God in a persistent and concrete fashion, to organize his whole life according to God’s will, under the eye of God, for the service of God”. It is also in this same spirit that the Rule guides and sustains our oblates to organize their whole life in praise to the glory of God and for the salvation and sanctification of their soul.

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(Français) 21 mars, fête de Saint Benoît.

Don Giovanni célèbrant la messe solennelle de Saint Benoît.

Don Giovanni célèbrant la messe solennelle de Saint Benoît.

Ce vendredi 21 mars, Villatalla est en fête. Les cloches sonnent à toutes volées et les villageois s’empressent vers la petite paroisse Saint Michel pour assister à la messe solennelle, présidée par Don Giovanni Pina (jeune prêtre ordonné le mois dernier).

Don Ivo lors de sa prédication.

Don Ivo lors de sa prédication.

Don Ivo, (chanoine prévôt de la Basilique Saint-Maurice de Porto-Maurizio) rappelait dans sa prédication les chapitres principaux de la Sainte Règle qui réside en l’obéissance et l’humilité. Don Francesco (professeur au séminaire) accompagne à l’orgue qui n’avait plus sonné depuis le rappel à Dieu de notre chère doyenne Flavia. Don Marco (chanoine qui vient nous donner des cours de liturgie) est cérémoniaire.

Le RP Prieur, Don Tomaso, Don Carmelo et Fr. Gabriel.

Le RP Prieur, Don Tomaso, Don Carmelo et Fr. Gabriel.

C’est aussi le jour anniversaire de notre curé Don Tomaso. Après la messe, nous sortons en procession. Puis un apéritif soigneusement dressé attend devant l’église où nous échangeons quelques paroles avec nos hôtes. à midi, nous chantons Sexte, avant de nous rendre chez Clara (une pieuse femme de Villatalla) qui a préparé un copieux repas, assistée par d’autres fidèles du village.

A la fin du repas, nous remercions nos hôtes et nous les raccompagnons charitablement avant de retourner chanter l’office de None. Encore un grand merci à tous ces prêtres qui sont venus partager avec nous une si belle solennité.

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(Français) 27 janvier : Grande promenade chez Frère Toussaint

L'ermitage de Frère Toussaint et le Sanctuaire des saints Côme et Damien.

L’ermitage de Frère Toussaint attenant au
Sanctuaire des saints Côme et Damien.

Après les fêtes de Noël et du nouvel an, grande promenade communautaire. Nous prenons la voiture et rejoignons en une heure de temps l’ermitage de notre Frère Toussaint, situé dans l’arrière pays d’Albenga à 1000 mètres d’altitude et à 10 km du premier village. Frère Toussaint, après 21 ans de vie religieuse au Barroux et deux années passées auprès du Père Jehan à Villatalla, poursuit en effet une vie d’ermite, près du sanctuaire des  SS. Côme et Damien où Mgr Oliveri lui a permis de s’installer.  Là, en solitaire il prie de jour et de nuit pour l’Église et pour ses frères dans le siècle. Sa spiritualité est celle des  Pères du désert, dont la lecture assidue a été à l’origine de sa vocation. Il vous demande de l’aider à aménager son ermitage ainsi  qu’une petite dépendance dont il a besoin et qu’il construit lui-même.

Fr. Toussaint et la communauté.

Une halte pour admirer la beauté du paysage

Prières au sanctuaire, grande ballade et piquenique  sur les crêtes déboisées des contreforts d’Albenga où de partout la vue est splendide, conversations spirituelles et évocation de souvenirs monastiques, parfois cocasses, tout cela fut l’occasion d’un cœur à cœur fraternel, joyeux et détendant. Le soir tombant, nous nous sommes quittés à regret et sur le retour, au chant des Vêpres avec récitation du chapelet en voiture, nous avons rejoint le village et notre monastère de Villatalla. Encore merci à Frère Toussaint pour ce grand moment de détente, de joie et de charité toute fraternelle.

Pour subvenir à ses besoins, Frère Toussaint élève des chiens “bergers d’Asie Centrale”. Il en possède environ une dizaine.  Voici quelques photos et informations les concernant:
Pour le contacter :
Fra’ Toussaint Menut
Località Colle San Cosimo
I-18020 Borghetto d’Arroscia (IM)
Emplacement géographique :
Tél. fixe français : 09 70 44 81 15 (reçu sur Skype, prix d’un appel normal)
Tél. mobile italien : +39 366 372 16 28
Email :
Pseudo skype : frere.toussaintPour faire un don par carte bancaire :
Pour effectuer un virement bancaire :
Pour les chèques, libeller à : « Association Sacra Doctrina ».
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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2014!


“Christmas is coming. Great joy in the sky, some peace on earth in spite of the trial of exile, that the hardness of men makes more bitter!”

Dom Gerard’s words, he addressed on december 8th 1990 to the Friends of the Monastery, are still more topical than ever in this so dark an decadent period of our history, marked by the spectacular rise of evil: after divorce and abortion, here is now the gay marriage and, soon children adoption within it, and then today, the disappearance of homelands, these lands of the Fathers, rooted in Christian civilization, left to an occult globalist power, destroyer of families, of nations and of people: so many reasons to despair, you will tell me!

And yet at the approach of Christmas the Church through her texts and songs comes to raise our burdened hearts: “Tomorrow, she says, the iniquity of the earth will be cleared and the Savior of the world shall reign over us” and, during the holy night: “Heaven has visited the earth, a Savior was born to us!”

Dear Friends and Benefactors, the community of the Benedictine monks of the Immaculate wish you a holy Christmas and a new year of grace in the hope of salvation of our souls, our families and our homelands.

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Come to the aid of the monks of Villatalla!

La maison Saint-Jean à restaurer depuis le toit jusqu'à la bergerie du rez de chaussé aménagée provisoirement en poulailler.

The house Saint-Jean, to be restored from the roof to the sheepfold
in the ground floor, fitted temporarily as a henhouse.

Last year, we had already asked for your help to purchase a home required for the development of our community. The previous owner had charitably agreed to be paid in three annual installments. Thanks to your donations we were able to pay the first installment of 30,000 euros. At the end of the month of December we will have to pay the second installment.
And unfortunately, it’s raining in this house: we have to repair the roof! The ground floor, a former sheepfold, all vaulted, must be arranged and turned into our future chapter room. We have temporarily put our chickens there! Thus on the outskirts of the village, we are preparing a henhouse undergoing restoration, located on a terrace. However the wall supporting it 15 meters long an four meters high, collapsed so it is necessary to rebuild it and we also need you for that.
Le poulailler qui deviendra… la salle capitulaire

The henhouse wich will
become… the chapter house.

Le mur du futur poulailler, à relever en pierre sèches

The wall of the future henhouse, to be raised dry stone.

Dear Friends who are reading us, be our Providence! Almsgiving is also a way to please God and deserve His grace. Thank you for allowing us to continue and develop the Work of prayer and sanctification inaugurated and transmitted by our founders, Father Muard Rd, Dom Romain Banquet and Dom Gerard. We know that times are tough and the state multiplies unfairly taxes. That those who can afford it help us  and the poor offer us more by their prayer. Thank you with all my heart to you all!
God Bless you in your families and in your work! And the Immaculate Virgin, by her motherly and all-powerful intercession, gives you the most precious treasure, the love of God and our neighbor!
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Our farm work: the chicken coop, the olive grove and kitchen garden.

Frère Benoît : heureux comme un coq en pâte !

Under the vigilant eye of Brother Benoît, cock and hens in relative-freedoom.

Since a few months we have acquired about twenty young hens that we temporarily place in the place in the part of “henhouse Saint-Jean” wich is still a cowshed.

Le futur poulailler et le mur écroulé, à reconstruire.

The future henhouse and the
collapsed wall to be rebuild.

Treated with kid gloves, they generously repay us with an average of fifteen eggs per day. We hope to soon move the flock in an old chicken coop located 50 meters away, on the outskirts of the village. This already partly restored henhouse, is built on a narrow terrace with a collapsed wall of about 15 meters long. It is also necessary to rebuild it. We hope in Providence to continue and complete this new habitat, where our beloved birds can lay eggs brooding and ranging freely in a well arranged space.

Frère Gabriel

Brother Gabriel

Some land of olive-trees- about forty trees – were part of the sale of the house St. Jean: wonderful boon to the monks who found in agricultural work an important source of balance and health. We’ve pruned them last spring to make them make the best possible crop. As the saying goes, this is for St. Catherine begins the harvest. On the Ligurian hills, it takes about 5-7 kg of olives to produce 1 liter of oil, and this year, each tree produces about 15 kg of fruit. So we can expect to get 80 liters: it would be a nice first.


“The labour is an excellent preparation to the inner life.
The more you’ll devote yourself to the inner life,
the more you’ll get the intelligence
of the labour’s law.” Dom Romain

The village people are happy to see us return to the olive trees cultivation which is unfortunately increasingly abandoned in favor of tourism. All farmers in the region know that it is the Lérins monks that introduced the olive cultivation in Liguria. It is a point of history that makes us nice and worthy in their eyes.

We also have a vegetable garden of about 300 m2 wich has provided us this year a lot of vegetables: beans, onions, garlic, shallots, squashes and zucchini, green beans and white beans, “coeur de boeuf” tomato in abundance, cucumbers, headed broccoli, lettuces, radishes, eggplants, green and red peppers, leeks, etc..

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Rome: Summorum Pontificum pilgrimage

5SPOAs part of the Year of Faith, the Summorum Pontificum Coetus Internationalis organized from October 24 to 27 his second pilgrimage to Rome. Because of the context of persecution, the word is not too strong, to wich the Apostolic Congregation of Franciscans of the Immaculate and its founder Father Stefano Manelli are still subjected, we felt obliged to support the cause of Tradition and particularly the absolute right to use the traditional rite of the Mass, through active participation in this pilgrimage headed by Fr. Claude Barthe. During these four days have succeeded papal Masses and Vespers, Stations of the Cross and rosary prayer, round tables and official meetings.

The Cardinal Castrillón Hoyos celebrates the pontifical mass
at the altar of the Pulpit of Saint Peter.

This pilgrimage was an opportunity to renew the pious visit to the four major Roman basilicas including Saint Paul’s Outside-the-Walls where the abbot and community have very charitably hosted us throughout our stay.

At the cave: prayer at the feet of Saint Benoît

It was also an opportunity for another pilgrimage to the sources of Benedictine life: the Subiaco cave where St. Benedict had been living for three years and where, says St. Grevory, “only under the gaze of He who sees from above, he lived with himself. He watched incessantly to his own care,


The community in front of the
Saint-Benoît-of-Subiaco monastery.

always seeing himself under the eyes of his Creator. He kept himself in the cloister of his thought. The holy man grew in virtues and miracles and many were attracted and gathered to serve the Almighty God”

La basilique Saint-Benoît construite sur la maison natale du saint patriarche.

The Saint-Benoît basilica build on the native house of the saint patriarch.

Leaving Rome, on the way back to Villatalla, we will stop at Nursia where St. Benedict and his twin sister, St. Scholastica were born. It is there that, 200 years after the expulsion of the monks by Napoleon Bonaparte, the RP Cassian Folsom and community refounded the monastic life remaining faithful to liturgical observances and tradition. The reception was more than brotherly: we left, laden with numerous gifts including a box of their famous beer which was honored and appreciated even on the table of Pope Benedict XVI. For order, go quickly discover their site.

Souvenir photo of our passing through the monks of Nursie.

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October 23rd : death of the senior woman of Villatalla.

Flavia à l'orgue.

Flavia playing organ.

Suffering for 3 months of a stroke, the Senior of Villatalla, Flavia, 98 years old, rendered his soul to God. It was she who hitherto held the organ every Sunday and feast days. Every afternoon, she went through the only road leading to the village, picking up some wood for winter and picking flowers for the Virgin. Every day she attended Vespers and recited the rosary with the community. She often cried her husband, the most beautiful of men, she said, and the same year, his only very young son accidentally killed in a scuba diving exercise.

Flavia 98 ans et  le Rd Père Prieur.

Flavia, 98 years old and the
Reverend Father Prior.

We lose a beautiful soul, but for a well deserved heaven.

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(Français) 16 octobre: visite monastique inattendue !

DSCF0014The Rd Dom Christophe Chapuis, from the abbey of En Calcat, visiting Villatalla.

Le RP Dom Christophe Chapuis, de l’abbaye d’En Calcat, nous a rendu une courte visite. Après la crise Conciliaire et post Conciliaire qu’a connue son monastère, il est, parmi la poignée d’anciens à réagir, l’ultime témoin de la fidélité à l’esprit de nos fondateurs de la fin du 19° siècle, Dom Romain Banquet et Madame Marie Cronier. Ses encouragements, ses conseils et son amitié fraternelle nous ont été un réconfort, une joie et un stimulant pour continuer et développer l’œuvre monastique implantée dans cette terre ligurienne dont la beauté porte d’elle-même à la contemplation.

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Another visit… from Brazil !

Fr. Antoine et sa sœur Myriam venue du Brésil.

Brother Antoine and his sister
Myriam coming from Brazil.

Brother Anthony, of Brazilian origin and former novice of Father Jehan in Le Barroux, has joined the community for over a year. Her older sister Myriam came from Salvador in Bahia state in Brazil for a great tour: the joy of reunion is shared by all.
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