Feast of St Benedict

This year, because of the occurrence of Passion Sunday, the feast of St Benedict was transferred to Tuesday 23rd March. Mgr Antonio Suetta paid us the grace and joy of his presence. On this day of the transitus of our blessed Father, that is, his passage to the heavenly homeland, we ask the Patriarch of monks to keep us faithful to his Rule which has been instilled in Europe, of which he is the patron saint, a truly Christian spirit, and to obtain by his intercession close to Our Lord the return of the nations to Jesus Christ who alone can bring true peace, that which is not the absence of conflict but fervent adherence to the sweet and salutary royalty of Christ. That this peace whose shining soul of our blessed Father may descend on your homes and on your families, such is our wish and our prayer.
May that peace which illuminated the soul of our blessed Father descend on your homes and on your families, such is our desire and our prayer.
On the occasion of the feast of St Benedict, the Chancellor of the Diocese proclaimed the decree of Mgr Suetta, of which the essence is:

« I accede to the request of the Reverend Father Jehan, monk of the Benedictines of the Immaculate, to permanently transfer into this diocese of Ventimiglia-San Remo the monastic community named “ Monastery St Catherine of Siena” ” approved March 21 2017 as a monastery of diocesan right of Albenga-Imperia  »