Profession of our brother Marie

Our brother Mary kneels before the conventual Prior to pronounce his perpetual vows
Our brother Mary flanked by His Excellency Mgr Suetta, bishop of our diocese And by our Reverend Father Prior, as well as brother Anthony

It is on the 21st of March 2020, feast day of the “transitus” of our Blessed Father Saint Benedict, that our brother Mary took his solemn vows , in the presence of our bishop Mgr Antonio Suetta, bishop of our diocese. Some would say that there was no one to witness this great moment – antivirus measures were the cause – but this is only an appearance, for the Christian sees his gaze fixed on heaven and sees with the eyes of faith the Angels, Archangels, Patriarchs, Martyrs and Confessors, and all the cohort of holy monks and nuns who have already achieved the happy goal of Christian life accomplished in fidelity.

Shrouded under the cowl with which he was clothed by our Father Prior after having pronounced his vows, the brother lay down at the foot of the altar of Sacrifice to be intimately associated with Christ Jesus until death, he responds to the call of the celebrant and rises joyfully to go and commune with his Lord and to know the premises of union with God in blessed Eternity.

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