Saint Benedict’s solemnity at Villatalla


Mgr Brancaleoni, general vicar of Albenga-Imperia’s diocese, at the holy altar

July 11, a day of jubilation at the monastery. Every year we celebrate on this day the solemnity of St. Benedict. The church is full for the celebration of Holy Mass according to the traditional rite celebrated by the vicar general, Monsignor Giorgio Brancaleoni, flanked by the deacon, sub-deacon and others officiating. Among the faithful are those who, of all people, are our neighbors and friends. Also this year we have present the roving members of the Scouts Unitaires of France (SUF) not counting the dozen priests of the diocese coming to share this celebration.


Souvenir picture


The festive banquet under umbrella

After the ceremony, our secular oblate Brother Angel Joseph, assisted by some pious ladies of the parish, served us a country feast in the meadow in the shadow of the church.

The Father Prior thanked all those in Heaven and on earth who contributed to the success of this beautiful day held under the auspices of Saint Benedict and recommended everyone to offer a prayer that the Lord sends us holy vocations.


Our great patriach, Saint Benecict of Nursia

On this occasion we recount the thoughts and this prayer of great news that Dom Gerard, 35 years ago, addressed to the friends of the monastery:

“1500 years ago there rose over the tragic horizon of the great invasions, the radiant figure of St. Benedict, patriarch of Western monks.

His life full of miracles threw out a challenge to a world which looked somewhat like our own in its cruelty, prey to unrest and chaos. He made present around him kindness, gentleness, and filial piety. His followers covered Europe with monasteries, teaching people the art of praying and working for God in the hope of Heaven.

That protection of our great patriarch, dear friends and benefactors, extends like a cloak of peace upon you, your families and your homes.

May he inspire in us an especially strong desire to serve God and immense trust in his providence “

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