Our farm work: the chicken coop, the olive grove and kitchen garden.

Frère Benoît : heureux comme un coq en pâte !

Under the vigilant eye of Brother Benoît, cock and hens in relative-freedoom.

Since a few months we have acquired about twenty young hens that we temporarily place in the place in the part of “henhouse Saint-Jean” wich is still a cowshed.

Le futur poulailler et le mur écroulé, à reconstruire.

The future henhouse and the
collapsed wall to be rebuild.

Treated with kid gloves, they generously repay us with an average of fifteen eggs per day. We hope to soon move the flock in an old chicken coop located 50 meters away, on the outskirts of the village. This already partly restored henhouse, is built on a narrow terrace with a collapsed wall of about 15 meters long. It is also necessary to rebuild it. We hope in Providence to continue and complete this new habitat, where our beloved birds can lay eggs brooding and ranging freely in a well arranged space.

Frère Gabriel

Brother Gabriel

Some land of olive-trees- about forty trees – were part of the sale of the house St. Jean: wonderful boon to the monks who found in agricultural work an important source of balance and health. We’ve pruned them last spring to make them make the best possible crop. As the saying goes, this is for St. Catherine begins the harvest. On the Ligurian hills, it takes about 5-7 kg of olives to produce 1 liter of oil, and this year, each tree produces about 15 kg of fruit. So we can expect to get 80 liters: it would be a nice first.


“The labour is an excellent preparation to the inner life.
The more you’ll devote yourself to the inner life,
the more you’ll get the intelligence
of the labour’s law.” Dom Romain

The village people are happy to see us return to the olive trees cultivation which is unfortunately increasingly abandoned in favor of tourism. All farmers in the region know that it is the Lérins monks that introduced the olive cultivation in Liguria. It is a point of history that makes us nice and worthy in their eyes.

We also have a vegetable garden of about 300 m2 wich has provided us this year a lot of vegetables: beans, onions, garlic, shallots, squashes and zucchini, green beans and white beans, “coeur de boeuf” tomato in abundance, cucumbers, headed broccoli, lettuces, radishes, eggplants, green and red peppers, leeks, etc..

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