October 23rd : death of the senior woman of Villatalla.

Flavia à l'orgue.

Flavia playing organ.

Suffering for 3 months of a stroke, the Senior of Villatalla, Flavia, 98 years old, rendered his soul to God. It was she who hitherto held the organ every Sunday and feast days. Every afternoon, she went through the only road leading to the village, picking up some wood for winter and picking flowers for the Virgin. Every day she attended Vespers and recited the rosary with the community. She often cried her husband, the most beautiful of men, she said, and the same year, his only very young son accidentally killed in a scuba diving exercise.

Flavia 98 ans et  le Rd Père Prieur.

Flavia, 98 years old and the
Reverend Father Prior.

We lose a beautiful soul, but for a well deserved heaven.

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