Solemnity of Saint Benoît

S. Benedetto 2013 (3)

Welcome of Mgr Oliveri on
the square of the village.

This July the 11th is a feast day for Villatalla : in the presence of the faithful people of the parish, many priests, seminarists, canons and Franciscans of the Immaculate, the bishop of Albenga-Imperia, Mgr Mario Oliveri, celebrates pontifically at the throne the mass of the solemnity of Saint Benoît according to the traditional rite.

S. Benedetto 2013 (7)

Behind the cross, Mgr Oliveri, with the Priest and the Reverend Prieur, walks to the Church where the faithful people are waiting.

Upon his arrival to the square of the village, the bishop is welcomed by the clergy and gives his first blessing.

Then, following the Cross, surrounded by the Priest and by the Father Prieur, he joins in procession the parochial church.

After the prayer to the Blessed-Sacrament and the clothing at the throne, begins the holy mass with the solemn song of the introït : for one hour and a half, officiating priests and assistants live a ceremony of the most suggestive of the celestial liturgy.

S. Benedetto 2013 (32)

Mgr Oliveri celebrates pontifically, with assistant priest, deacon, under-deacon,
master of ceremony, insignia holder… : the whole choir is full !

After the mass, His Grace multiplies greetings and blessings before sharing a reception offered by the parishioners. Then in the shade of the church and shielded from the summer heat, the whole clergy gathers around a delicious banquet prepared by some pious and devoted people of the parish. Thanks be to Saint Benoît and thanks be to Mgr  Oliveri !

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