August 15th 2013 : Brother Gabriel Clothing Ceremony


The Reverend Father Prior and Brother Gabriel.

For the Feast of the Assumption, Brother Bertrand de Lapasse received the holy habit and now bears the name of Brother Gabriel. Is not his angelic patron the heavenly model of devotees to the Immaculate? He who received the mission to announce to the Virgin the gift of her divine motherhood and reveal to the world her fullness of grace?


The gathered noviciate.

“Listen, my son, to the precepts of the master and lend the ear of your heart. Receive willingly the teachings of so good a Father and put it into practice, to return, by the exercise of obedience to Him of whom you had been turned away by the sloth of disobedience. It is therefore now to you that I will address my words, to you no matter who you are, who renounce your own will and take the strong and noble arms of obedience to fight under the banner of the Lord Christ, our true King.”. Prologue to the Rule.

…And the whole community.
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