A community was born almost three years ago with a view to becoming the community of the Benedictine Nuns of the Immaculate, and settled in Villatalla in the former buildings of the monks, after their departure for Taggia. Constituted itself as a “private association of the faithful”, this community wishes to pray, live and grow according to the Rule of Saint Benedict. Former secretary of the Congregation of Religious, the future Cardinal Mayer, said to Dom Gérard, at the beginning of his “informal” foundation: “Live your Rule and you will be recognized as living” : such is the wisdom of the Church, generous and prudent. , which does not close the door to the Holy Spirit, but leaves time to manifest the works of God in order to finally canonize them.

It’s a very old custom in the Benedictine family to have a community of sisters not far from that of the brothers. We are happy to present to you here the small founding group which we recommend to your prayers and material assistance.

 Our nuns, at the heart of the church, live the great doctrinal Tradition, both liturgical and monastic, which are the pillars of all consecrated life and foundation of our Catholic faith. Dom Gerard, who wrote such a beautiful and profound consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, invoked it thus: “we ask you for the grace to always keep without fail the double bastion of the holy Rule and the holy Liturgy as the best safeguards of the most pure Catholic faith and the highest sanctity.”

To love, honour and serve God, to restore all in Christ,  requires an army full of fervour. Dom Romain Banquet said: “The work of God is not a rest but a battle, and a victorious battle. The worship we render to God has as an immediate consequence the combat of the faith, the combat of hope, the combat of the spirit against the powers of darkness. We are God’s soldiers, His army arrayed in battle.”

That is why our nuns have chosen as their motto: “PAX IN PRÆLIO”, “peace in the heart of combat”. This combat which is the prayer to which the nuns consecrate themselves so that the grace and God be not absent from the earth: ‘the monasteries (…) are inns which assure the permanence of the eternal in time (…) for they bring this absolute counterbalance without which a world which has chosen the material against the spiritual and man against God, would slide down the slope of nothingness.” (G. Thibon)

Taking of the habit of sister Joan of Arc the 22nd of September 2022 on the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Admission of a postulant…as soon as a task is assigned, and without delay, it is carried out with joy at once!

TO ASSIST OUR NUNS: send your donations using the bank account shown in the margin, not forgetting to write: “FOR THE NUNS” and if possible your names and addresses, as well as you email address, as they wish to thank you personally and send you their letter to friends.