Scout Camp in Villatalla

Photo de groupe

The group of St. Benedict of the parish of St. Symphorien Versailles with their chaplain

During the month of July some road groups of the Unitarian Scouts of France (SUF) came to camp in Villatalla. The goal of scouting is, in the context of a team life, to learn to become men and Christians greatly more virtuous than the world in which they live, which is decadent, aggressive and contrary to God’s law.


Service: Volunteer teamwork

The three facets of the scouting life are adventure, service and prayer. Adventure is the changing surroundings; it is external but also internal. They undertook service with courage and enthusiasm, lending a hand in the monastery’s work: woodwork, storage, transporting materials, grass cutting, scraping the bare stone walls, jack hammer, etc … Prayer is both communal and personal, the school of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is the summit towards which the activities of the scouts and of all Christians aspires, and is the source from which all virtue ensues. The camp took place in two stages: camp life and road life. We saw them at work and greatly appreciated this first stage, the second stage was a hike across roads and paths high in the mountains toward Turin. Here in Villatalla their presence was a beautiful testimony to a disciplined and joyful youthfulness, for whom God is the center and the light of their entire lives. A lady in Villatalla offered me these words: “dica loro ragazzi che sono meravigliosi”, “tell them that they are wonderful young people.”


The group of Bx Piergiorgio Frassati of Chalon-sur-Saône
At the sanctuary of Our Lady of the Snows above the village.

The presence of the scouts in the scorching July heat wave brought a refreshing youthful breeze to the village, as well as righteousness and Christian joy. May God bless them and may Our Lady of the Snows, patroness of the sanctuary at whose feet they pitched their tents, keep them faithful to their scouting promise!

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