Come to the aid of the monks of Villatalla!

La maison Saint-Jean à restaurer depuis le toit jusqu'à la bergerie du rez de chaussé aménagée provisoirement en poulailler.

The house Saint-Jean, to be restored from the roof to the sheepfold
in the ground floor, fitted temporarily as a henhouse.

Last year, we had already asked for your help to purchase a home required for the development of our community. The previous owner had charitably agreed to be paid in three annual installments. Thanks to your donations we were able to pay the first installment of 30,000 euros. At the end of the month of December we will have to pay the second installment.
And unfortunately, it’s raining in this house: we have to repair the roof! The ground floor, a former sheepfold, all vaulted, must be arranged and turned into our future chapter room. We have temporarily put our chickens there! Thus on the outskirts of the village, we are preparing a henhouse undergoing restoration, located on a terrace. However the wall supporting it 15 meters long an four meters high, collapsed so it is necessary to rebuild it and we also need you for that.
Le poulailler qui deviendra… la salle capitulaire

The henhouse wich will
become… the chapter house.

Le mur du futur poulailler, à relever en pierre sèches

The wall of the future henhouse, to be raised dry stone.

Dear Friends who are reading us, be our Providence! Almsgiving is also a way to please God and deserve His grace. Thank you for allowing us to continue and develop the Work of prayer and sanctification inaugurated and transmitted by our founders, Father Muard Rd, Dom Romain Banquet and Dom Gerard. We know that times are tough and the state multiplies unfairly taxes. That those who can afford it help us  and the poor offer us more by their prayer. Thank you with all my heart to you all!
God Bless you in your families and in your work! And the Immaculate Virgin, by her motherly and all-powerful intercession, gives you the most precious treasure, the love of God and our neighbor!
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